Device & Inventory Management

Device & Inventory Management

Your company, regardless of size, has many devices that access your data and need to be optimized for continued use and security.  Computers, servers, phone systems, mobile phones, laptops, webcams, TVs, tablets, remote access, backups, external drives, etc.  The average businessperson now uses 3.4 devices a day to do their jobs.  Having a unified point of contact allows consistency across all your devices.

While your phone system might still answer calls, you might be missing out on much better and consolidated communication solutions that could propel your business forward.  With the newer CaaS (Consolidated as a Service) systems like Ring Central, Nextiva or Comcast, it can be cheaper to rent phones or not even use desk phones while adding call forwarding, smart receptionist, call center services, after hours, text, email, fax and video all within a single solution and contract.

How much would your bottom line benefit if when a sales person is in a meeting and can’t take a call, the call is forwarded to you or another salesperson so that you do not lose the sale? How much more would you benefit if your salespeople no longer gave out their personal number to clients because their CaaS phone automatically rings to all of their phones?

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